Wie Wissenschaft tot bedroht wird


Dr. Peter McCullough berichtet über die Angriffe auf seine Person #

  • “Today I was stripped of the editorship of Cardiorenal Medicine, a Swiss-based journal and in the last year, I have lost my job at a major health system, with no explanation and no due process,”
  • “I’ve been stripped of every title that I’ve ever had in that institution. I’ve received a threat letter from the American College of Physicians, [and] a threat letter from the American Board.
  • This has happened because of his “lawful” participation “in a topic of public importance,”
  • “What we are doing is lawful,” he told the packed ballroom
  • “What’s not lawful, and what’s not right, is what’s happening with respect to censorship and the threat of reprisal.”
  • McCullough predicted that the eight professional acronyms behind his name, “will be progressively erased.”
  • This is “going to happen because there’s powerful forces at work, far more powerful than we can possibly think of, that are influencing anybody who is in a position of authority.”

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