English Version – Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics: Manufacturing the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

Why I would never recommend a single person do get vaccinated with those mRNA Vaccines #

  • The German News Source No 1 – Tagesschau.de – publishs new data from the official German Health Agency RKI middle of this week (January 2022)

  • According to the data the majority of people in Hospitals are unvaccinated – so the message is clear, the Vaccine works and if you do not get the Vaccine you at least could be a danger to the health system
  • so far so good but those numbers are highly manipulated

So lets start and debunk the data – why it is crystal clear that this data cannot be true #

  • shortly after publication some german covidiots are speaking up that instead of almost 9k people that are reported to have been to hospital only about 6k were in reality there
  • A German newspaper finally reports about this and more data problems

  • However, the main problem is how a breakthrough infection is defined: The RKI counts a person SARSCoV2 positive after a vaccination only if this person
      • has symptoms
      • and it will count only those people as breaktrhough case who have passed 14 days after the second dose of vaccination (you can find this in the official RKI report p.17).
  • BTW: This is done all over the world. Also Pfizer itself used this definition when doing the vaccine trials, however they referred to 7 days instead of 14 (here is Link to the Pfizer trial and the definition). There are more manipulations with the Pfizer Trial, we will debunk them later on

  • This means, if you are vaccinated with dose one and you catch covid 3 weeks after your first dose you will be counted as an unvaccinated person
  • You think think this is not a problem cause it will not change much the picture – really? Let’s have a look:
  • We have some data from the official health agency in Alberta/Canada (that now have been removed but still can be found with the wayback mashine) that show how many people are being sent to Hospital with Covid / dying with Covid after the first dose. Former NY-Times Reporter Alex Berenson reported on this. Read here and detailed report by el gato malo

  • now you might have an idea how massively this is inflating the numbers. You want more proof for this, no problem, here we go
  • This has two main implications:
    1. as already pointed out many vaccinated are counted as unvaccinated
    2. also the people who suffer an adverse event after the vaccination and have to go to hospital will never be counted as an vaccinated case. They will be counted as being unvaccinated

So lets check out what happened in the world with this manipulated data #

  • The well known UK Scientist Norman Fenton took a closer look to the vaccine data in UK (Paper here)

  • Data show, here for the group 80+, that immediately after the vaccination of the specific age group a spike in mortality was seen in the group of the unvaccinated

  • but this doesn’t make sense – you vaccinate a group and this has an effect for another group?
  • they could observe this for each age group
  • and there conclusion was, that due to the definition (you will only be counted as a vaccinated person 14 days after the vaccination) the deaths among the vaccinated due to an adverse reaction to the vaccine were counted into the group of the unvaccinated

  • -> they even state, that the vaccines do not prevent deaths but increas all-cause mortality

  • The German scientist Kuhbandner wanted to figure out whether those effects also apply to Germany
  • He found the same effects here and he sent his findings to the two highest official agencys in Germany, the PEI and the RKI
  • The PEI never sent any reaction, the RKI only replied, that they have no time for data from a single scientists
  • This manipulation is done all over the world and it is a massive Fraud. Hence, in order to understand whether the vaccine works or not you cannot rely on data from your own gouvernment

So let’s look at some different data then #

  • Let’s compare Israel as the Champion of Vaccination with its neighbor Palestine. Palestine has an vaccination rate of somewhat about 30% 

  • Isreal has just reached an all time high of corona deaths during the entire pandemic. Palestine hast almost the same curve just with a much lower vaccination rate
  • here you can read a very detailled Analysis from el gato malo

and (Report)

  • Bremen is the German staate with the highest vaccination rate (Statista.de)

  • However, on January 11 they are also the staate with the highest hospital icidence and have compared to the same day one year ago only one person less in the hospital (30 vs. 29)

  • Denmark doesn’t look much better either

  • However, South Africa managed to control Covid with a vaccination rate of 27% despite omicron

  • Quo Vadis Italy?

  • The more you dig into the data, the better you understand that the vaccines do not play a vital role when it comes to prevent hospitalizations and deaths, other factors must be at play
  • another shining example: The counties of new england in the USA (full report by el gato malo)
    • northern counties: maine, new hampshire, vermont
    • southern counties: massachusetts, connecticut, rhode island
  • all have very similar vaccination levels in the age group 65+

  • but when you look at hospitalization rates and compare them to a year ago it appears that the north is doing much worse than the south despite the same vaccination rates

  • if the vaccine was working against hospitalization would you expect those patterns?

What if we look at excess deaths? #

  • For Q4 we can see a high excess deaths rates in Germany despite Covid Casis are on round about the same level like last year. If the vaccine was working, there should be less excess deaths expected (Source)

  • 25% excess mortality in CW 47

  • In the group of the most vaccinated 80+ – 2021 looks much worse than 2020


  • Also in the USA we see more people dying from all causes 2021 than in 2020, data already age and pop adjusted (Source)

  • USA picture for Seniors 65+

  • a UK Study that has been censored on many platfrom found based on the data of 185 countries: the highest Covid-19 Death rates are in the most vaccinated countries (Report)

Finally, lets go back to the split vaccinated / unvaccinated despite the revealed manipulations #

  • We have some countries that allow a much better reporting since they count first dose and second dose. How do numbers look in those countries?
  • Scotland just published it most recent Covid Report on January 12th which shows negative effects against cases, hospitalizations and deaths -> this means, if you take the vaccine (2 doses) you are moe likely to get covid, get into hospital and die than a person who is not vaccinated (read a short summary of the report)

  • we can draw a very simialr picture for Wales where 84% of the Corona Patience are vaccinated (official PDF)

  • Last but not least the gourvernment of south australia released the following data on Janauary 7th (source file)

  • With a vaccination rate of 77%, – 86% have multiple vaccinations and 14 have either one or no vaccinations
  • After all this, ask yourself whenever you see charts like in Germany, where the majority of people in hospitals are unvaccinated – can this be true or is my gouvernment lying to me? If it is true – we should figure out which vaccine they are using and distribute it to the entire world 🙂